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The Protection You Need

Pro Risk Service LLC offers quality alternative risk management service, with each staged designed in accordance to what our clients need in their current business cycle. Our techniques include eliminating the risk with traditional insurance or reinsurance. Our alternative risk transfers enable companies to move possible risks to capital markets or another party, receiving protection against particular threats.

The main areas of this type of risk transfer include insurance-backed securities or securitization through catastrophe bonds. We consider other approaches that are a part of alternative risk transfer, such as life insurance securitization, longevity risk transfer, captive insurance companies, and alternative risk financing strategies.

To make our alternative risk transfer solutions effective, we update our clients as we progress and inform them before moving on to the next phase. We identify any grey areas and assist our clients to strategize a contingency plan to help keep the company as well as their data protected in case of any unforeseen circumstances or events.

We also believe in creating new risk markets by merging insurance and financial needs. Our specialists can create new means of triggering insurance, such as weather index insurance, relevant to the market. We also offer alternatives to risk management, such as self-insurance that is best for businesses with predictable losses, including low severity and high frequency.

Our clients can retain predictable losses using insurance against catastrophic losses. Our approach allows clients to control the claim over the settlement, improving claims management to draw attention to the claims handling process. Our approach is ideal for long-term cost saving, despite having certain expenses associated with it. For additional details, get in touch with us.

Alternative Risk: Packages
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